2015 Burger Blend

2015 Burger Blend


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2015 Burger Blend



For us, “burgers” evoke memories of backyard barbeques, of sunshine and warm evenings, of good food and laughter with friends and family. The goal of this wine was to produce a fruit-laden and refreshing red that represents excellent value and one that w0uld bring out the best in your burger. A challenging task since the perfect burger can be a very personal and unique creation. Consider the traditional elements: the acidity of pickle, the sweetness of relish and ketchup and the spice of BBQ sauce and mustard. Our final combination for Burger Blend is a satisfying mix of ripe red berry, balanced with acidity and a smooth, round fruity mouthful that can be enjoyed alone or with your favourite summer backyard fare, burgers most certainly included! Respect your burger… serve it with Burger Blend!

The original 13th Street Burger Blend was produced in the late 90’s and was an eclectic mix of a wine which incorporated pretty much every red variety in the wineries stables. After a long hiatus we are pleased to announce Burger Blend is back! The 2015 is primarily a combination of just two varieties: Gamay Noir and Pinot Noir – two of our most important red varietals.

The winter of 2014/2015 can best be described as extreme with some of the coldest prolonged periods on record throughout the Niagara Peninsula, damaging buds across varieties leading to a naturally low yield for the 2015 vintage. The cold lasted well into early spring which led to a relatively late bud-burst. Luckily once the summer finally started it was warm , sunny and relatively dry. The beautiful weather lasted well into the fall, allowing for even ripening across all varieties. With the naturally low yields from the winter cold, the wines from the vintage show great concentration and varietal correctness, with typical Niagara acidity and freshness, leading to very high quality wines across the portfolio, though produced in extremely limited quantities.

RESPECT YOUR BURGER… serve it with 13th Street Burger Blend!